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How Do Lines of Credit Assist in Loan Applications to Banks?

Business loan applications are being rejected by banks on a global scale, and sadly they are pulling back from loan facilities in general. The banks can make bigger profits elsewhere by trading for themselves. 

We are regularly asked, can a line of credit assist in a loan application? We are quick to point out that a line of credit is in fact a type of loan. But it’s easier to access a line of credit if the security provided is a Demand Bank Guarantee. So, the question is how do Demand Bank Guarantees assist in loan applications? 

Credit Line Loan Applications 

Any loan or credit line loan will require security or collateral. A Demand Bank Guarantee is a top-class security for a loan application, specifically written for monetisation purposes. Lenders are very comfortable lending against a Demand Bank Guarantee and possessing a Demand Bank Guarantee usually gives the applicant 95% – 100% chance of securing a credit line. 

Don’t believe me? There are companies who have saved themselves by using Demand Bank Guarantees. These guarantees have helped them secure credit lines and loans.  If you find yourself needing more information, get in touch via our contact us page.

What if the Bank Rejects my Loan or Credit Line Application? 

Loan applications have been rejected by some banks despite being offered decent security. Demand Bank Guarantees have even been rejected as banks make bigger profits elsewhere. But there is an alternative…  

IntaCapital Swiss have been providing Demand Bank Guarantees for over a decade. This has enabled their clients to access loans and lines of credit. But here’s the kicker. A bank declines a credit line or loan application, despite a Demand Bank Guarantee being offered as security. What next? IntaCapital Swiss can offer replacement lenders. Yes, third party lenders to replace your bank.  

How cool is that. Here we are in our third lockdown and banks are doing nothing for their clients. You wave a Demand Bank Guarantee in front of them and they are still not interested. IntaCapital Swiss, renowned for their customer care, will give you an alternative lender.  

So yes, a credit line supported by a Demand Bank Guarantee will enhance your loan application.