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About IntaCapital Swiss

About IntaCapital Swiss

IntaCapital Swiss (ICS) is a globally aware dynamic boutique finance company. Their mantra are the foundations of the traditional Swiss banking system, being Performance, Reliability, Integrity, Discretion Excellence and Strength. Based in the heart of Geneva’s financial community, the dedicated team at IntaCapital Swiss with their unique and sophisticated knowledge of global financial markets, deliver cutting-edge advice, financial products and solutions with great efficiency to a world-wide clientele.

IntaCapital Swiss are constantly being approached by both existing and new clients for access to capital, loans and lines of credit. To this end, IntaCapital Swiss have written a financial model that is easy to access and alleviates the difficulties of raising new capital. The Collateral Transfer Facility has proved to be a popular product and through the use of Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees, are transferred via the swift system direct to the clients account. Upon receipt, the client can apply to their bankers for a line of credit or a capital injection using the Standby Letter of Credit or the Bank Guarantee as collateral.

IntaCapital Swiss not only enjoy a good reputation globally but has a first-class reputation within the confines of the Geneva business community. Building on this reputation IntaCapital Swiss has close alliances with the bankers in the Private Swiss Banking Sector. Through these strategic alliances IntaCapital Swiss can offer access to capital investment for both emerging and established companies for expansion and restructuring of debt.

IntaCapital Swiss have over the years built up their structured finance and project finance desks, and today can offer a broad range of services such as Debt and Equity Finance, Private Bond Issues and Securitisations, for those clients requiring finance for Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Buyouts and Takeovers, Initial Public Offerings, Exploratory Capital and Reviving Stagnant Assets.

IntaCapital Swiss have changed the fortunes of many companies thanks to their amazing team of financial specialists who have created a unique Banking Product used in conjunction with the Collateral Transfer Facility resulting in easier access to Credit Guarantee Facilities.

In this day and age of instant communications, ICS and their team of unique and dedicated financiers, have positioned themselves to respond efficiently with cutting edge advice and financial products that fulfil the diverse requirements of their world-wide clientele.